The Geriatric Scholars Program  Urban Interdisciplinary Team-Based Training (UITT)





  • Primary Prevention
    • Control of diabetes and hypertension
    • Promote brain health
  • Secondary Prevention
    • Recognize signs and symptoms of undiagnosed dementia
    • Identify dementia using brief evidence-based assessment tools 
  • Tertiary Prevention
    • Home safety for persons with dementia
    • Caregiver education on non-pharmacologic management of challenging behaviors
    • Self care for caregivers


The program is co-facilitated by a geriatrician and an educator from a VA Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) and UCLA Division of Geriatric Medicine


Rural-serving public health nurses, social workers, community health representatives, primary care team and others are invited to attend.


Contact Us

If you need more information or would like to host a workshop: 
Director: Josea Kramer, PhD
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System,
Geriatric Research, Education & Clinical Center
818-891-7711, ext.39311
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