Team Members

Ella H. Bowman, MD, PhD (Geriatrician/Site Project Director)

Alayne D. Markland, DO (Geriatrician)

Julia (Annette) Tedford, RN (Nurse Case Manager)

Marquitta Cox, LMSW (Social Worker)

Lisa Welch, LMSW (Social Worker)

Mark Phillips (Clinical Psychologist)

Lanie Walters, PharmD (Clinical Pharmacist)

Kroshona Tabb, PhD (Project Coordinator)

Robert Langford (Office Automation Assistant)

Jason (Thomas) Sanders, HT, TCT (Telehealth Care Technician)

image of birmingham team

Highlights of modalities and implementations

The Birmingham GRECC Connect Program site launched on June 26, 2017 to deliver comprehensive geriatrics assessment via telehealth to Jasper, Alabama CBOC.

Regional presentations and publications

Dr. Ella Bowman of the BVAMC, in a combined presentation with Dr. Antonio Graham out of Atlanta, presented GRECC Connect to the Birmingham/Atlanta GRECC Biannual Advisory Committee Meeting on March 21, 2017

Dr. Ella Bowman of the BVAMC presented “GRECC Connect: Delivering High-impact Geriatrics Care to Rural Veterans Through Telemedicine” to the Birmingham/Atlanta GRECC Biannual Planning and Collaboration Meeting held in Birmingham, AL on 8/8-8/9/17.

Graham, A.  & Griffiths, PC. Dementia and The Loaded Gun: Keeping and Bearing Arms When Cognition and Capacity Become Compromised. Innovation in Aging. Vol 2. S1. Pages 125,

Map of GRECC Connect Program Center and Affiliated Sites

Currently supporting geriatrics telehealth consultation to the Jasper CBOC in Jasper, AL. 

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