Team Members

Anna Mirk, MD

LaWanda Kemp, PharmD, CGP
Clinical Pharmacist

Kimberly Manns, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist

Kyle Hortman

Point of Contact: 
Anna Mirk, MD

Highlights of Modalities and Implementations

The Atlanta VA Virtual Geriatrics/GRECC Connect Team provides virtual geriatrics consultation and comprehensive clinical pharmacist review for older Veterans enrolled in rural CBOCs in Blairsville, Carrollton, Oakwood and Rome, Georgia.

National Presentations

Duru OO, Kemp L, Mirk AK. (2020) Telehealth Geriatric Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Consultation: Integrated Management and Polypharmacy Review of Vulnerable Elders. [abstract] Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 68 (Suppl 1) S278.

Nurse-Mcleod J, Kemp L, Manns K, Mirk A (2021) Promoting Age Friendly Medication Use through Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Consultation.  [abstract] Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 69 (Suppl 1) D79.

Allen L, Johnson TM, Mirk A, Vaughan C (2021) Improving Geriatric Telehealth Support for Older Rural Veterans at Risk of Diabetic Foot Complications.[abstract]Journal of the  American Geriatrics Society  69 (Suppl 1) A171.

Dr. Anna Mirk and Dr. Katharina Echt of the Birmingham/Atlanta GRECC presented “Using the 4Ms to Promote Age Friendly Health Care” at the National GRECC Connect Conference Series in August 2021.

Other Related Programs

Map of GRECC Connect Virtual Geriatrics Center and Affiliated Sites

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