Team Members

Lauren MooNam-Ha Brown, MD
Geriatrician, clinician-educator, volunteer assistant professor sees patients in the hospital, CLC and outpatient clinic, including the Geriatric Evaluation Clinic.  In collaboration with Dr. Binder and our interprofessional team spearheaded the ACEP Level 3 bronze level Geriatric Emergency Medicine department designation.

Jaye McLarenElise Binder, MD, MEd
Geriatrician and hospitalist, affiliate associate professor of internal medicine, clinician-educator board certified in geriatric medicine and internal medicine.  Treats patients in the hospital and outpatient clinic.  In collaboration with Dr. Brown and our interprofessional team led the Cincinnati VA to IHI Age-Friendly Participant designation.

Megan GatelyIrene Hamrick, MD  

Chief of geriatric medicine and palliative care at the VA, medical director of CLC, Chair of geriatric medicine at the University of Cincinnati, professor of family medicine.  Research interests include falls prevention, health disparities, dementia, stroke and dehydration.  

Point of Contact:
Irene Hamrick,

Site Highlights 

We are still in the hiring process of our GRECC Connect Program. We are planning to roll out geriatric services to the Georgetown CBOC and have met with them on Teams.

Other related programs

Presentation to 285 rural physicians in the US and Caribbean, through AHEC and the University of the West Indies. Title: Normal Aging Changes and Geriatric Syndromes. 3/24/2022 via Zoom.  To access recorded version available via youtube, click .

Map of GRECC Connect Program Center and Affiliated Sites

bedford grecc map of rural sites
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